Friday, August 17, 2012

Ramblings about Crater Lake

Greetings from Eugene, OR. Below is a blog post I wrote while sitting on the rim of Crater Lake.

Mile 1834
Life. Isn't. Perfect. Sometimes  it seems as if a smoky haze like that from a forest fire has settled in your brain and makes life seem a bit distorted. Occasionally I will reflect on my life and think to myself, what is this? Perhaps I could describe it as the deepest, most beautiful lake. Crater Lake: so many imperfections surrounded by mystery.  Sometimes my thoughts are as clear as the opalesque water. I know what I want and where I am going. I am calm and radiate beauty. Then, I'll look around to see naked basalt and cliffs still recovering from a volcanic eruption that happened even before the cedar tree took its name. Its overwhelming and chaotic and disorienting. I don't understand it; why this lake and my life seem to be so similar. Crystalline water is resplendent, its beauty only enhanced by the raw earth that surrounds it, defines it, makes it interesting. I guess this is where I see the overlap between my life and Crater Lake. It isn't  perfect; only the perfect combination of imperfections.

I am so happy that I was able to run into people in Eugene. Rebecca, thank-you for picking us up at Shelter Cover and the wonderful dinner. Dan, thanks for the nectarines, cheese and beer. Cin, thank-you for the ride back to the trail.

We will be passing through Cascade Locks on the 28th of September. If you feel inspired to send something in my direction, my address there is written below.
Much love,

Lena Sessions
c/o Port Marine RV Park
PO Box 307
Cascade Locks, OR 97014


  1. I think Lena (Honey Bear) means August 28th :-) in Cascade Locks.

  2. Lena Lu you are amazing! Reading your posts makes me so proud to call you a friend. Keep it up girly. PS. I felt inspired ;) Package coming your way!

  3. Lena Sessions!!! You are a wonderful writer and it may be because I am on a similar thought bubble as you or it may be because we have the same first name, but either way I was touched by your blog post. Lately I have felt life has been very disorienting yet beautifully imperfect. Thanks for hiking and writing, I am massively impressed by you.

  4. Found you on SheJumps. Today I was hiking a small section of the PCT and thinking about what it would take to hike the whole thing. It dawned on me that this would be a great summer to be on it, with the low snow in the Sierra. My favorite line from this post? "Occasionally I will reflect on my life and think to myself, what is this?" I hear you.